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Fleur D.

at 250 × 344 in Univers partagés editions

Fleur D.


Fleur D. is an artist who likes pin-ups, fantasy, and kawaii. Like for so many years in the world of independant manga artists, she makes an impression with her beautiful female characters and pastel colors. She is also a colorist for « bande dessinées » for french publishers Delcourt and Vents d’Ouest.

  • Her books at Univers partagés editions:
  • Her other publications:
    Textbook: Savoir tout faire sur Photoshop spécial BD, Collective (Oracom editions)
    Bandes dessinées: Colorist: Marie-Lune (Vents d’Ouest editions)  Un prince à croquer ▫ La Rose écarlate (Delcourt editions)