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Rosalys is a graphic artist whose creativity takes its roots at her French culture, her Chinese origins and her passion for Japan. Author-illustrator of a dozen of artbooks, comic books and children’s books, she portrays a positive and colorful universe, marked by lyricism and femininity. Her motto is the realization of dreams freely.

  • Her books at Univers partagés editions:
    Fine book: Divines, Gourmandises japonaises
    Coloring book: Gourmandises japonaises Coloriage
    Children’s book: Fraisie, la magie de la pâtisserie, Envole-toi vers Yume
    BD: Workaholic
  • Her other publications:
    Artbooks: Princesses & Lolitas (Booklight editions)  Cute flowers (BD associées editions)
    Children’s books: Les princesses et moi, tome 4 (éditions Hemma) ▫J’aime * (Poisson Borgne editions)  16 histoires de belles princesses (Hemma editions)  Un conte pour la Lune  Mon amie, Honorine la souris  Rêves de lapinou (Chouetteditions)  Toujours près de mon coeur (Samsara editions)
    Comic books: Fly for fun (Foolstrip editions & Gala Networks)